Машутка. Чёрный чай с ромашкой.

«Чайная серия»

Рост - 15-15,5 см стоя, 13,5-14 см сидя. Вес - 129 гр.
Материал - мохер.
Набивка - синтепух, комфорель, металлический гранулят.
Глазки авторские (мастерской «Шерстяная Лампочка»).

Чайная пара - исинская глина.
Высота чашечки 4,3 см, диаметр - 7,2 см. Диаметр блюдца - 8,8 см.
"Purple Pottery Clay is the unique mineral resource in Yixing China. It is also named "Five-colour Earth", as it varies in purple, red, yellow, green and black.
Yixing earthen wares are carefully designed, combining crafts, painting, carving and engraving. They are not only practical but also beautiful.
Earthen wares are effective in keeping warm. What is more special is that the longer they are used, the more smooth they will become. The tea made in it is especially fragrant and refreshing, Even in hot summer, the water can be kept for several days without going bad."

Д/Р: 24 марта 2012г.
Уехала в Москву.